🎉 You just created your Tale and uploaded your first pictures, congratulations! 🎉
Now turn the Edit mode on and follow these 10 tips to get the nicest album!

1 - Give a title to your Tale

This way your visitors have a first idea of what's inside the album. You can also write a short description right under the title.

2 - Caption your pictures 

Thanks to the captions you can give details about some particular photos. Perfect for a description or a comment!

3 - Tell your story

On Talegraph you can add small and large texts in your album. Choose one or the other according to how much you have to say and where the text is located in the chapter.
Feel free to write all your anecdotes, little stories, etc... 

Small text:

Large text:

4 -  Add a map

Show where are the places you visited, where you lived those memorable moments! You can select the zoom level and add a landmark on the map.

5 - Organize your album with chapters

What is a chapter?

Unlike most online photo galleries, Talegraph lets you dvide your album into sections that can each have a title, a date and an emoji. Just like in a book it makes reading easier and helps structure your story. Your album will be much more pleasant to look at and to understand by your visitors.

Add a chapter

If you uploaded all your pictures at once when you created your album, they should automatically be sorted in chapters by date.
Adding a new chapter in the middle of some pictures will create a new separation between these pictures. See the example below ⬇️


After adding a new chapter:

💡 Remove a chapter  

When you remove a chapter, it doesn't actually delete the pictures in it but it removes the separation with the preceding photos.

Chapter's title

It's always good to give your chapters a title.


Besides a title, each chapter can have a date. Click on the greyed out date to open the calendar, then select a day.


Add an emoji which will appear on the timeline. It is optional, just like the date, but it makes your album funnier and more visual.
Click on the emoji with a "+" and choose the one that goes best with your chapter!

You can find the emoji you selected for the chapter on the album's timeline.

6 - Showcase your most beautiful pictures

Want to put some of your pictures into the spotlight? When you click on "Showcase", they will stand out in your album.

Here is an example of a showcased photo:

7 - Change the album cover

The cover is located at the top of the album. It is like the title page of your Tale, with its title and description. By default the cover picture is the first image of your album. To change it you can either: 

  • Drag and drop any photo (from the album or your computer) onto the cover. 
  • Or hover over a picture and click on "Use as cover picture". 

Then click on "Change cover picture" to place the image vertically. To save its position, just click on "Save cover" and you're done!

8 - Add more pictures

Whether you created an album for your travel pictures or to show your kids latest adventures to their grand-parents, you can easily add more photos as you go.

  • Drag and drop the pictures from your computer directly onto the album.
  • Or click on the "+" button and choose "Images". Then select the pictures you want from your computer.  

9 - Add videos 

As well as images you can add short videos (< 1 min) to your album when you are a Premium member on Talegraph. It's a great way to make your Tale more lively!

10 - Change the theme

The theme represents the colors of the album: from the page and texts background, the fonts color, etc... Choose the settings that will best fit your pictures. Click on the "Theme" button in the edit bar and select the one you want.
3 themes are available to all users: sont disponibles pour tous les utilisateurs : dark, light and brown. Talegraph Premium users have access to additional themes.

Once your album is complete, don't forget to publish and share it!

➡️ How to share a Tale

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